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Pearl of Asia Disques

1953-1975: a period of enormous prosperity and creativity in Cambodia, and especially in its capitol, Phnom Penh (the ”Pearl of Asia” from which our project gets its name).

This golden period of fervent musical production saw a select group of virtuoso singers becoming stars of their home country. These standard bearers to Cambodia’s musical heritage would perish (like many other artists and intellectuals) under the Khmer Rouge. Their music was largely destroyed, with the few remaining copies now deteriorating. Despite all this, their names are increasingly recognizable worldwide.

The double tragedy of their fate, and the importance and legend of these brilliant artists, compels us to act to restore this music to its original splendor (in both authenticity and quality), and to ensure that it will live on for current and future generations. This music is a touchstone for Cambodia’s past, and inspires a lush future for the Khmer cultural tradition.

Previous events from the Cambodian Vintage Music Archive!

Friday, May 4 2018: Seattle, WA
DJ ORO visits Seattle for this special event -
Cambodian Rock ‘n Roll: Films, Talk & DJ Party

Friday, May 11 2018 (noon PST): 
DJ ORO on Orphan Radio playing Khmer oldies (vinyl/digital)
Listen at

Thursday May 17 2018 (5pm HEC):
DJ ORO at le Mellotron
Listen at

Thursday May 24 2018 (9pm HEC):
Pan-Asian Airlines #2 with DJ ORO and DJ Kuala Lumpen
at Chair de Poule - 141 Rue St Maur, Paris

Sunday May 27 2018:
Festival Cambodge, d’hier à aujourd’hui (Season of Cambodia) Lognes Roundtable Discussion with CVMA and Savoeun So
at Salle du Cityoen Lognes - 17 Rue du Suffrage Universel, Lognes


Europasie EP-20
Artist:       Ros Sereysothea / Sinn Sisamouth
Title:        ស្វាយមួយមែក / ព្រៃឯកើត
              Svy Muy Mek  / Prey Er Kuert

Cambodia 45-66058 
Artist:       Sinn Sisamouth / Pen Ran
Title:        ជិៈទូកលេងនឹងបង / ហាស់ហារាំស្វា
              Jeas Touk Leng Ning Bong / Has Ha Rom Sva
              Promenade en Barque / Ha! Ha! Monkeys

Hang Meas HM. 3002 
Artist:       Ros Sereysothea / Sinn Sisamouth
Title:          ??

Cambodia 45-66007
Artist:       Pen Ran
Title:        ច៎ាះ!ច៎ាះ!ច៎ាះ! / បើមាននិស្ស័យ
              Oui! Oui! Oui!  / Si J’ai De La Chance

Bayon PT. 111  
Artist:       Sinn Sisamouth / Ros Sereysothea
Title:        ទ្រព្យគាប់ចិន្ដា / តារាដួងចិត្តអូន
              Trop Keab Chenda  / Dara Duang Jet Oun

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